About Me and My Art


Her work is founded on the belief that jewelry should be functional, beautiful, and exquisitely hand crafted. She believes jewelry can contain the same statements made by the other visual arts mediums. Unlike the other more traditional arts, jewelry can be worn and viewed by a larger audience. Christina believes in high quality, beautifully crafted designs and functional art at an affordable price. In 2012 she began creating framed wire art and sculptural designs reconnecting with her traditional educational foundation of two dimensional art.

Christina was born in Ankeny, Iowa in the early 80s and lived there until she married in 2007. From there she moved to Des Moines with her husband and finished her education at Grand View University with a Bachelor of Arts in 2009. She began exhibiting her work in 2005 while teaching with a local art center and finished her degree. The popularity of this young artists work grew very quickly. She exhibits her work annually, 2-15 exhibits a year.